The recent spate of holidays might have actually caused you to gain a couple more pounds around the waist, and since you have started off your New Year with a bang, resolutely making sure you are able to shed all those love handles around your waist, here is a little bit of outside help that you might want to consider. I am talking about the £119.99 Burn Machine, where you need not head down to the gym and give the speed bag a good walloping. Rather, this 12lb contraption is capable of letting you replicate all the different actions performed by boxers on speed bags, right in the comfort of your own home. Nice to know you need not smell Good Guy Greg’s sweat anymore, right?

The Burn Machine has already caused a storm in the fitness world, where it will be able to deliver an amazing workout from the core outwards thanks to a range of exercises. You will hold it away from your body, where you mimic a speedball routine (use your imagination here) by performing a hand-bike-like circular motion, as you go ahead to spin it via its rotating grips. You can also opt to walk, march or perform mobile lunges while circulating The Burn Machine, regardless of height or angle to make sure those calories are burnt away – for good.

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