As you might imagine the Cheaters Spy Shop is looking to appeal to our most insecure selves, it counts on our deep distrust of our significant others, well not mine exactly… I mean my husband is a great guy, right? Of course, you’d tell me if there was something going on wouldn’t you? Wait a minute! What do you know?

Anyhow, for those of us who can’t be sure, Cheaters Spy Shop comes to the rescue with a wide array of surveillance gear including the dreaded (depending on what side of the application you’re on) iPhone recovery stick that has the ability to pull up anything that has been accessed on an iPhone (including all deleted information) along with covert software that can send you your beloveds texts and pictures in real time *gulp* Sometimes, even if you’re innocent, some stuff just looks bad, am I right?

The Cheaters Spy Store also features nifty motion-activated cameras that record in high-resolution so you can catch every bit of the “action.” The shop carries pens that double as audio recorders and plenty of other spy related equipment, from cameras hidden in MP3 players or digital picture frames all the way down to a mantel clock that doubles as a safe to hide your gun (you never know when the news may not be good)

The store developed by the TV series creator Bobby Goldstein has only been open for a short time, but its already doing a booming business. I’m thinking of grabbing one of those iPhone sticks, purely for research purposes…Hey!  it’s my story, I’ll tell it like I want to.

For more information, or to purchase spy items, please visit Hey, did I mention the address is on Lovers Lane? Seriously?


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