Staffing Insurance

If you’ve heard of the need for a staffing insurance program but aren’t convinced your agency needs this extra insurance, you might find it helpful to learn about typical areas where most agencies are exposed to additional risk. Because your agency likely has several professional and legal obligations to staffers and more, the right insurance can fill in the gaps in case a blind-spot claim hits. Here are some of the most common risk areas to look out for.

Providing Staff Involves Several Unpredictable Risks

When you’re in the business of providing temporary staff, you inherently assume several risk types, many of which can be unpredictable before they happen. Personnel on the ground, even in a temporary location, can be vulnerable to:

Staffing Carries Certain Professional Risks, Too

Beyond potential physical harm to staff, the staffing business can carry several professional risks for your agency as well. These risks usually fall along the lines of breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, negligence, and so on.

Though you may not have known whether your agency needed it, having a reliable staffing insurance program can help protect your business from several blind spots that can be hard to predict but could result in financially or legally damaging claims. Now that you understand these risks, you can look for the right coverage.