Just to let you know, the wheels of this eleMMent RV do not fold up, and it does not fly.

Yes, it looks like this craft is from the future, but this 40-foot vehicle is so now. It has 500 square feet of usable area, a master bedroom with a 40-inch flatscreen, and a couch and a table that can transform to a bar and lounge.

Still not sold on it? How’s 500 horsepower, plus a fireplace, along with a pop-up sky lounge and fog machine strike you? Did I mention that the paint glows in the dark? Yeah, this is probably the big band’s ride on tour, and roadies are not allowed on board.

Talk about luxury! I wouldn’t mind spending a few weeks on the road in my eleMMent. By the way, the reason why it has such a crazy shape is because it gives a fuel efficiency boost of about 20 percent.

Man, I swear that the flying RV that Lone Star and Barf drove around in SpaceBalls wasn’t as sweet a ride as this. I still feel like it should be flying, or maybe even on train tracks. I wonder what it would feel like to be behind the wheel of this and adjust to its oddly-shaped windshield.


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