You know that some canines are just cut out for being therapy dogs, especially with their kind of temperament which just wants you to reach out and hug them. Well, for those who cannot afford a therapy dog or do not want to go through the daily routine of caring for one, there is always an “artificial” way of going around things – case in point, the $99.95 Emotional Response Puppy.

This plush puppy will actually mimic an actual canine’s behavior whenever it its touched or hears a sound, and good thing you need not feed it (apart from making sure it is juiced by a quartet of C batteries, of course) – and no feeding will translate to another important aspect; there is no need to bring it out for walks, poops, or bladder relieving sessions.

The puppy will come with sensors located in its paws, head and back – all well hidden underneath the soft, furry coat. Not only that, there is a built-in microphone that will trigger lifelike canine responses whenever you pat, tickle, stroke or hug it. Depending on how it actually perceives the particular touch or sound, it will open its mouth when panting or barking, heck it can even wiggle its ears, blink its eyes, or enthusiastically wag its tail.

The puppy’s actions will feature 18 lifelike sounds, ranging from a playful bark or a peevish grumble to a curious snuffle or a forlorn whimper. Seems like the perfect birthday present for your little one who has been bugging you to get a puppy?

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