The Good Wife, Where Computers...Save the Day. Just Like in The Good Wife You might think the TV show The Good Wife is best suited to middle-aged women (so much so that my fiance enforces reference restraint when we’re out with friends). Seriously though, it’s one of the best shows on TV. Character Depth! Complex, contemporary issues! And tons of tech. Bear with me.

[Ed: These views do not reflect the opinions of anyone else at Gizmodo.]

Technology is coarsing through this show’s plot. These details are often brought to bear through Zach, the doe-eyed son of our protagonist Alicia Florrick. Like a lot of kids his age, Zach runs tech support for his lawyer mom. His whizkid skills often end up breaking one of his mother’s cases wide open. And while rolling his eyes at his mom’s computer naivety, he embarks on investigative pursuits with nothing but ipod in hand.

You should check it out. It’s on Hulu and Amazon. Watch, if only so I can one day live in a world where I can freely admit, without shame, to watching this show.

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