So, I admit it, after I succumbed to peer pressure, got rid of my flip phone and marched out and purchased an iPhone (even after everyone suggested I wait for the new one) I have been enjoying it immensely. I have renewed interest in looking for stuff to do with it, and I came across this rather nifty little gadget. 

Take a look at the EyeSee 360 GoPano for the iphone (4 and 4S). The GoPano is a micro lens that simply snaps on your iPhone and enables you to take 360 degree panoramic videos! You can pan during live recording, or even in the already recorded video. This is because the GoPano is recording all 360 degrees around you simultaneaously. (sort of like a high tech karate movie visual effect.) This lets you go back to your movie and choose to see any angle at any point and time. Pretty awesome.

 Evidently, the GoPano actually uses 2 specially curved mirrors which gather info from all directions and reflects it back into your iPhones camera. Then, with the assistance of GoPanos app, your movie is magically transformed into an interactive scene where you get to control just where you want to look. You can also share your cool videos with family and friends on GoPanos website.

Originally designed for aviation and military use, there is a 700 dollar professional option that mounts to your video camera, but the micro, designed just for your iPhone is a stael at only 79 bucks, and the app is available at the iTunes store for free. It really is the next best thing to being there. Available at or feel free to chck out some videos at


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