My husband pointed out a common thread to most of my posts. That if a gadget cuts down on the amount of physical exertion required to do a task, I’m all for it. Well, just to prove him wrong, I’m going to introduce you to the Gymygym Chair, the world’s first ergonomic office / exercise chair designed for the busy executive.

The Gymygym’s patented flat bungee seating system is designed to conform to you, providing you with the perfect combination of give and support wherever you need it, but the coolest part is that GymyGym incorporates four unique and discretely integrated exercise stations in the body of the chair, allowing you to exercise and strengthen all your major muscle groups, all while hammering out the details of your next big deal at the office.

All four of the exercise stations are easily controlled by two tension control systems located beneath and behind the chair. This allows you to customize the difficulty of your exercise, allowing you to start where you feel comfortable and then incrementally increase the difficulty levels when you are ready to progress.

GymyGym is made from 95% recycled materials, and high quality construction, makers boast a top of the line product that they contend is both good for you, and the environment you live in. Excellent. Just make sure to catch your breath before you take any important calls, and never let them see you sweat.

Available in Orange, red or black for $599.00 bucks. Check out to purchase, or for videos and information.



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