The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Personal Protective Equipment

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

Safety is the number one concern in every manufacturing, construction and warehouse environment. Anyone who works around machines with moving parts, or uses potentially dangerous tools, is more prone to accidents than workers in the office. It’s important to create safe workplace practices and provide adequate personal protective equipment for your employees.

What Equipment is Necessary?

Depending on the type of work being performed, the personal protective equipment will vary. If you are unsure what equipment is necessary in your work environment, contact your OSHA representative for guidance. Some common PPE includes:

  • Protection for eyes and face – Those who work with metal, wood and other operations where particles can break off and fly into the face must wear face shields and safety goggles.
  • Safeguards for the head – Construction workers and some manufacturing employees wear hard hats to protect against falling objects.
  • Hearing protection – In most manufacturing environments, the constant machine noise will cause hearing loss over time. Earplugs significantly reduce the risk of hearing issues in places with low-frequency noise. For louder noises, earmuffs are more effective in reducing the risks.
  • Protection for skin and hands – To cut down on lacerations, skin irritations and burns, PPE gloves will protect the hands and skin.

Make sure to keep your employees safe with the proper personal protective equipment.