Just to let you know, this is the Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game, not a certain game from Hasbro that has the same name as a popular 1996 movie about Tornadoes.

Hey, I’m sure that legal issues keep this particular product from saying the name of the game that it is clearly emulating. I seem to remember the board of that particular game being quite smaller, and this is 15-foot square is quite large. I also don’t remember the spinner of that board game looking like a prop from Wheel of Fortune.

As you can see, the board is inflatable and has a 1-hp airblower to keep the surface inflated. As you can also see, the rules of this game are the same as “the popular game that originated in the 1960s”.

Yeah, the game where you have to awkwardly twist around each other is bigger and made for the outdoors. Just think of how much fun this will be in the summertime, when everyone is wearing bathing suits! There’s an image from a movie would still be PG-13, right?

Anyway, before I get into any more obvious innuendo out of the old spotted game, I should tell you the price. It is about $2,000 on the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.


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