The Ins and Outs of Bar and Nightclub Insurance

Nightclub Insurance

The Ins and Outs of Bar and Nightclub Insurance

Owning a bar or nightclub can be extremely lucrative.  Unfortunately, running a business is not always easy and there are many things that can go wrong.  This is especially true for businesses that serve alcohol, such as a bar or nightclub.  A very important part of protecting your business is having tailored insurance for bars and nightclubs.

What Types of Coverage Do You Need?

The first category of insurance coverage you will need is property coverage.  You need to make sure you have your building insured, the contents of the building insured, and any loss of income covered.  Your building faces risks such as fire damage, weather damage, and vandalism/theft.  The contents of your building like tables, decor, and even your supply of alcohol are susceptible to being damaged as well.  You need loss of income insurance in case your bar is forced to close temporarily so you don’t miss out on vital cash flow.

The other category of insurance coverage that you need is liability coverage.  You need liability insurance for situations where customers are injured on your premises or their property is damaged.  Additionally, you will want good liquor liability insurance.  This type of insurance offers protection in situations where intoxicated customers cause property damage or injure another person.

Running a bar or nightclub can be a great way to make a substantial amount of income but it is definitely not risk-free.  Having good insurance can make all the difference.