Who would have thought that something as scientific as the Periodic Table would have ended up as one which spews out words and phrases that are definitely not on the “Approved” list by your parents and parents-in-law? Yes, and being naughty also has its price – we are talking about the £50,000 Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing here after all. Whoever said that swearing shows off your lack of vocabulary? Prove the naysayers otherwise with a vocabulary that is backed scientifically (to a certain extent), and in a hilarious manner to boot.

Created in association with renowned artisans at Clay design studio, this is one exclusive piece of world-class art that is a fully interactive periodic table of filth. With 103 brightly colored buttons to choose from, pressing any of them will release a vocal utterance of profanities, insults and highly innovative cusses. The swears will be arranged in groups that have their own symbols and numbers to help you remain organized.

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