The Liability Risks in Florida Manufacturing

Liability Risks

The Liability Risks in Florida Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is fraught with risks, but sometimes a company will have even greater potential for accidents or damages because of the physical location. The manufacturing liability in Florida isn’t too much different from what those in any other state would be susceptible to, apart from the weather concerns. Hurricane season can have a devastating impact on a manufacturing company.

The Liability Concerns

When it comes to the overall operations of a manufacturing company, the ability to deliver a product when promised is crucial to contract integrity and the company’s reputation. Given the seasonal weather challenges that are experienced in Florida, loss of power or downtime for weather reasons can cause delays in shipping and production. This can lead to a breach of contract or errors and omissions claims.

With regard to the business environment, the weather in Florida can also wreak havoc on the safety of the building, its contents, and potentially the employees. Strong winds and flooding can do a lot of damage, both the manufacturing site or the products being stored on location.

The Insurance Needs

Because there are some unique dangers and risks associated with the Florida weather, your insurance plan must be carefully evaluated. While a commercial property policy may include damage by fire or winds, it may have exclusions or limits that don’t account for the environment. Speaking an agent who has familiarity with your exposures ensures your coverage is exactly what you need.