The moment that I saw this Machete Slingshot, all I could think about was all the movies that it could be in. Slasher movie villains now have a new weapon. I can just see the helpless victims running as machetes are hurled at them with deadly accuracy.

I have a video available after the jump if you want to see some serious sharp-shooting. An obvious pun, I know. I admire that simplicity of the mechanism as all this thing does is hold the strung up machete in place while a lever pushes it over the edge. With a special hook built into the machete melee, it launches it through the slingshot.

Apparently, it takes something this long to shoot a machete. I wish I had a figure on the range for this guy. Let’s just say that if David had one of these in the Valley of Elah, Goliath would have been crying for his mother.

I suppose “don’t try this at home” applies. Even the creator says he cut himself terribly in this video, and it was lucky he was wearing a facemask. I believe that he says something like “leave it to the stupid people to build this”. I don’t want to agree with him, because I admire his courage for actually building a working machete-shooting weapon.


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