I don’t even like to cover digital frames anymore, I mean, everyone has one, and everyone has given at least two as a gift. I know I have, and three birthdays later, my mother in law is still begging me to set hers up, it seems like the people that would actually enjoy using a digital frame, are the least likely to be able to set it up easily…

Luckily, digital photo frame manufacturer Isabella Products, has launched a new product, the Isabella Mini.  This USB dongle makes regular digital frames and TVs wireless, and it’s users will be able to receive emailed photos direct to their screens from their contacts. Photos can be sent to the Mini from a phone (email or MMS), Internet, PC or even from online galleries like Photobucket.

The Mini also offers real-time sharing as you can receive photos of important memories from anyone, anywhere in real time, by way of the Mini’s 3G mobile broadband connection. So send out some invites to friends and family and allow them the opportunity to immediately begin sharing their photos right to Grandma’s Mini.

The Mini is ultra portable too, so gran just has to plug it in to a friend’s tv or a digital photo frame in order to bore them, I mean show them, pictures of her beautiful, wildly sucessful family.

Set up is so simple mom can do it alone, without 12 phone calls to you. Just plug it in and Mini is ready to receive photos from just about anywhere. No need to view photos from memory cards, when friends and family can email their photos directly to Grandma’s Mini… you know, the one she’s getting for THIS birthday.

The Mini will be available very soon on www.vizitme.com and will run about $99 bucks. Isabella also charges $79 a year for its VizitMe service, which will allow you to upload up to 1,450 photos a year and access AT&T’s network. The monthly plan costs about $6 and lets you upload 100 photos a month.


Source: www.isabellaproducts.com


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