I guess everybody expects that I’m a gadget geek. It would come as no surprise that I have a multitude of electronic devices in every corner of my home. I have smart-phones and laptops, desktops, movie players, movie streamers, recorders, set top boxes, iPods, iPads, Android stuff galore… and an 8 year old child that we affectionately call “the crusher”

So it is certainly my pleasure to introduce you to “the Nabi” . Finally, a 200 dollar kid-friendly android tablet that has a responsive touchscreen, large size app buttons, access to a huge variety of kid appropriate content like music, books, games and movies. The Nabi also has some pretty nifty  parental controls built right in. So, if you have nightmares every time your little darling puts his mitts on your 600 dollar iPad, the Nabi might be able to calm your fears and delight your child, all at the same time. (How often does that happen?)

Nabi has a high-resolution Multi-Touch display that allows kids to easily interact with tons of games and content. Nabi comes with over $150 worth of pre-loaded games, music, apps and books. Nabi is capable of running over 500 applications and games catered to kids and that can all be found in the kid friendly – Nabi App Store.

You’ll also find a 1.3 megapixel camera, a mini-USB port,  a built-in microphone, and an audio jack. The Nabi supports WiFi and comes all wrapped up in a pretty rugged kid friendly package. (and after the kiddies hit the sack, you can unlock it with your secret password … shhhh.) It all sounds good to me, but somehow I know “the crusher” is going to get me anyway.

Available for pre-order for under 200 bucks at www.toysrus.com

Source:  Nabi

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