The Pizza, the perfect “I don’t want to go anywhere” meal. It’s easy enough to pick up the phone, place your order and wait the agonizingly long 30 minutes or so till your pizza arrives. Devoured straight from the box, perhaps in front of the TV. Heck it just doesn’t get any better than that. Does it?

Well, some folks at The Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai thought it could get better, and easier and have introduced a  refrigerator magnet shaped as a cute little pizza box that functions as a one touch delivery button from your house – to their kitchen, provided of course that you live in Dubai!

The gadget works simply enough, by communicating via your Smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to place your order. The standard information, like address and phone numbers would have been previously provided online so after set up, it is indeed, one stop pizza shopping. You can request a call to confirm your order, but that just takes some of the fun out of it don’t you think?

Anyway, a pizza shop in Dubai isn’t going to enhance my next Saturday night pizza party, but I think their little gadget is a certainly a hint of some really cool things to come our way, but I do have a question, what if  this time I wanted the anchovies?


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