Okay, so first the regular stuff, the camera looks cool, it’s very slim, has a shiny front panel and easily fits in a pocket or purse. It enjoys 16 megapixel resolution. It comes packed with a four-times zoom for a little up close action and a pretty responsive 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen to page through your photos and change your camera settings. But, purchase the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP7 digital camera, and you’ll find that it makes you look better, literally.

Using built-in Beauty Retouch modes, this camera actually has the ability to soften some wrinkles, reduce shine, whiten your teeth and give you a rosy glow all with the touch of a button. The DMC-FP7‘s make-up mode gives you color options such as foundation, eye-shadow or coloring for the lips and cheeks. Seriously? Will this sucker make me 10 pounds thinner too?

The DMC-FP7 is the perfect camera, for your perfect life. You don’t ever have to take a bad picture again, now if we can just find a camera that will make my house bigger, my car shinier and my husband have more hair, I can start sending some pictures to some friends I haven’t seen since high school.

Available now for pre-order from www.amazon.com, for under $230.00 bucks. Now I’m actually ready for my close up!


Source:  www.panasonic.net



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