For those who are looking for some extra protection for the iPad, tablet PC, netbook, or other smaller laptop, then you might want to check out the Pelican 1075 HardBack Cases.

The 1075 model is dustproof, watertight, as well as crushproof. It has been tested for impact and submersion to three feet, and it has an easy-open latch as well as a built-in automatic purge valve to keep water and dust out while balancing air pressure.

It also has a molded liner which is designed to add impact shock protection and not scratch the tablet. There is enough room underneath your device in the 1075 for some accessories like an adapter, cables, or earbuds.

In short, you can afford to put your small PC into a case for “your office on the go”. It even comes with a strap so you can sling it around your shoulder. You don’t have to worry about banging against wall or door with your gear in this box.

I found a lot of models of the Pelican 1075 with foam or computer liner, and the i1075 comes with an iPad Insert. The price is about $59.95 on Amazon, and you might want to look at some similar Hardback cases on the Pelican site like the 1085 and the 1095.

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