Nearly everyone carries insurance of some sort, whether it is for your car, home or health, but many professionals fail to carry nursing home malpractice insurance based on a number of false beliefs:


  1. If I carry malpractice insurance, I will likely be sued.
    You are not obligated to inform anyone that you are covered by a malpractice policy, so the likelihood that you will be sued neither increases nor decreases, but should a suit occur, you will be covered. The fact is, lawsuits against nursing home professionals are on the rise, and so proper coverage is the safer bet.
  2. I do not need insurance because I am already covered by my employer’s policy.
    Unless your employer’s policy is sufficient to cover a potential lawsuit, you should supplement it with your own policy, especially if your employer does not cover legal costs. Also, it is not uncommon for facilities that have lost a lawsuit to sue the employee to cover the costs.
  3. I will never get sued because I always behave professionally.
    The truth is, even good nursing home professionals can get sued, and the costs of such a suit can be debilitation, so it is better to be prepared. Insurance coverage buys you the freedom to fight a suit should one occur.


No one likes to think about nursing home malpractice insurance coverage, and it is easy to drag your feet by thinking a lawsuit could not happen to you, but by attaining nursing home malpractice insurance, you are buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are equipped for any eventuality.