Considering all the tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, that continue to destroy homes, these architects at 10 Design in Hong Kong have come up with a way to protect a home with a simple yet elegant solution: tuck the house into the ground.

The house has a set of hydraulic levers that are activated by high-velocity winds that can pull the house into the ground to safety. Once the house is underground, the roof locks to make it water and wind proof.

I have to admit that I like the aesthetic of the design, as it is very futurist. I’m not certain how much space it has, but I have to admire its shape. It kind of looks like a boat, doesn’t it? I’m not certain that is a good sign. Perhaps this thing should cast off in case of a flood.

Ted Givens, a design partner at 10 Design, apparently has a vision of communities wired up with sensors and can process weather data to tuck away the home in case of an emergency. You can check out a video at the Source link.

In other words, entire communities will have to be restructured to keep this working. By the way, the outer skin of these homes is clear insulation in between two layers of Kevlar. This is part of the high cost of protection against natural disasters.


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