The Transmission Tower Coat Rack Will Electrocute Your EyesElectricity is beautiful, but transmission towers are eyesores. That contradiction hurts my brain. How am I supposed to feel when I look at a beautiful landscape, and it’s ruined by giant towers disappearing into the horizon? We NEED the towers so we might as well get used to them.

The Nanton Coat Rack re-envisions the transmission tower as a household device that reflects its utility in the real world. The coat rack is made out of chromed, hand-welded steel, with wooden knobs to hold your hat, parka, or scarf. It’s shocking what a difference a change in context makes. All you have to do is shrink the huge infrastructural monstrosity down, put it in your house, and suddenly, it’s beautiful. The coat rack is available for $930. [Palette Industries via Design Milk]

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