We have reported on the Tunebug Vibe before, with its unique ability to turn any flat surface into a speaker. I first encountered the device at CES a few years ago, and was pretty impressed with its primary feature, and Tunebug has a new speaker with the Tunebug Rumble that I have seen at CTIA Spring 2011 Showstoppers.

The Rumble is an ultra portable sound transporter that can be Bluetooth connected to any Mobile device, turning any surface into a speaker.

The Rumble comes with the TunePad with an integrated microphone, so it is able to work as a conference calling device as well as a speaker. It has touch sensitive on and off and volume up and down controls. The user can initiate calls using Voice Command Control (VCC). If he or she is listening to music or sound file, and there is a call, the audio will automatically pause until the call is finished.

I believe that it is one of those 3-in-1 devices that is a speaker phone, desktop speaker, and, with a proper strap, it is a helmet speaker as well. The Rumble is charged via USB to 3.5 mm charging cable, and is ultra portable and light weight. I don’t seem to have a release date or a price on this guy.


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