Are you ready to go? Run through the checklist: phone, MP3 player, tablet, camera, spare cards, cords, water, shades, wallet. Do you really want to fit all of that in your pockets? Whether touring the world or just running errands there is usually demand to take a few items along. More and more of those items are electrical gear too. The feeling of filling up your jacket or pants pockets is no fun. “Keep the keys in a separate pocket than the phone. Don’t let the headphones get tangled with the sunglasses.” Yuck.

Scottevest specializes in men’s and women’s travel clothing. Their jackets, shorts, shirts and pants offer comfort, practicality and versatility. The Scottevest Transformer presents the perfect option for gadget gurus needing to conveniently pack their goods and go. The Transformer offers 20 pockets specialized for a variety of devices and uses including:

  • Interior clear touch pockets for mobile phones or other touch devices
  • Pocket designed for camera with memory card holders
  • Headphone conduits to the collar
  • “PadPocket” large enough to carry a Kindle or iPad
  • Sunglass pocket complete with attached chamois cloth

The aptly named Transformer also converts to a vest, which does not seem like a big deal. But Scottevest ingeniously inserts magnets under the fabric meaning a simple pull or connection makes jacket/vest conversion a cinch.

So whether you are a veteran traveler or simply seeking practicality storage, check out the Transformer from Scottevest for just $160.

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