Today was National “Take Your Child to Work” day, so here we sit, writing an article together. In actuality it was “Get your Stuff Done in Twice the Time it would Normally Take” day… but heres our spin on this thing anyway…

Delsie and I would like to introduce you to the Wave Jet, two battery-powered jets tucked into a surfboard that provides just about 20 pounds of thrust that can propel surfers at speeds of up to 12 mph, which is almost three times the average paddling speed, and so much more relaxing. The Wave Jet recharges easily, in a regular wall socket and it seems pretty safe, light and quiet. It also makes getting out to, and then catching up with the big ones, simply… awesome.

Surfers, or do we need to call them riders? turn the jets on and off with a special bracelet remote control dongle switch that will also act as a kill switch if you happen to wipe out.

The board’s propulsion system is currently built into 11 surfboard models, including paddle and lifeguard boards, and will soon be installed in bodyboards, kayaks and kiteboards as well, my daughter considers it lazy mans surfing but I prefer to look at it as strength and energy conservation, I mean all the fun is in riding the waves isn’t it? Getting out past the darn whitewater is like pulling a sled up a snow hill. Hmmmm.. a motorized sled? Anyone making one of those?



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