Now that we are in 2012, I’m sure we are all wondering if that whole Mayan calendar thing is true. Hopefully, we won’t hit the end of the world before the release of the Wii U, due sometime before the holidays.

The Wii U is probably the most anticipated devices of this year, but we will see something very interesting on the Wii U. I’m not talking about how it can be used without a TV, and other features that we talked about at E3 last June.

This new video game console is going to have apps, that’s right, apps. I guess if this Wii U is going to look like a tablet, then it will have apps like it.

Okay, if we are going to have applications, then I am going to assume that the apps are going to be better than WiiWare and an Internet connection is required.

So, are we looking at a world where no gaming discs are required? Oh man, this certainly brings the word “game changer” to mind. My Source even has rumors that the Wii U could allow third-party digital game platforms like EA’s Origin and Steam.

So far, these are more than rumors, but I can easily imagine them as fact. I suppose that we shall have to see.


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