The World's Smallest iPhone Charger Skips The Cables AltogetherIf you’re a loyal iPhone user you’re probably used to toting around its charging adapter and cable just in case. Apple has done a good job at making it tiny, but by cutting the cord, the JuiceBuddy looks even easier to pocket.

Like the iPhone’s included charger, the JuiceBuddy packs a pair of fold-away prongs that allowing it to be plugged directly into an outlet. And hidden beneath a cap on top is the standard dock connector used by iOS devices, letting you then connect your iPhone or iPod Touch. Although, that design means it’s really only going to work best when plugged into a wall outlet, so your iOS device can then perch atop the JuiceBuddy. Using it with a powerbar could be a bit of a challenge.

The World's Smallest iPhone Charger Skips The Cables Altogether But for just $25—available in red, white, black, or silver—it’s a nice alternative to Apple’s offering when traveling. And removing the keychain portion reveals a standard USB 2 port allowing you to charge other devices as well. So it just might replace all of the charging gear you usually have to pack. [JuiceBuddy via Gear Diary]

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