There Are Grave Consequences To Sinking the Cue Ball On This Coffin Pool TableUnless you’re being cremated, blasted into space, or turned into a cyborg, everyone will need a coffin at some point in their life. (Usually near the end.) And a company called Casket Furniture figures that since you’ll be spending thousands of dollars on your post-life home, you might as well enjoy it as much as possible.

So it will build you a custom coffin that’s just as functional for when you’re alive, as it is for when you’re dead. Like its ‘The Manhattan’ model which is a completely playable pool table that’s not just shaped like a coffin, it’s actually a functioning casket. Of course, if you have no intentions of being buried in it, but still have a taste for the macabre, you can order one as just a ‘regular’ pool table. But for $12,000 you might as well spend the extra money so you can take it with you. Who knows if they’ll have 9 Ball in the afterlife? [Casket Furniture]

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