These Awesome Glasses Will Make Your Veins Glow So Nurses Won't Have to Keep Stabbing YouIf you’re looking for a pair of futuristic glasses that have realistic, earth-shifting implications, check out these frames by 2AI Labs being tested by doctors right now (hmm? not who you were thinking?). They can make your veins glow so nurses can easily spot them, show a change in hemoglobin color to locate trauma and can be used to monitor how a patient is really feeling.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? The technology in the O2Amp glasses is rooted in understanding the connection between our color vision and blood physiology. Filters were built with that understanding to enhance ‘blood vision’ so doctors can more easily process information on what’s happening inside your body. It basically amplifies our changing oxygen levels under our skin and associates certain colors with different causes.

These Awesome Glasses Will Make Your Veins Glow So Nurses Won't Have to Keep Stabbing YouThe color chart breaks it down for people to understand. Seeing green would mean someone is sick, seeing red could mean embarrassed and so on. Though 2AI sees applications of the amplified blood vision of the O2Amps in arenas like security, sport, poker and dating, 2AI believes its most useful in the medical field. Specifically they’ve built three different filters:

  • A vein-finder, or oxygenation-isolator, that amplifies perception of oxygenation modulations under the skin (and eliminates perception of variations in the concentration of hemoglobin),
  • A trauma-detector, or hemoglobin-concentration-isolator, that amplifies perception of hemoglobin concentrations under the skin (and eliminates perception of variations in oxygenation), and
  • A general clinical enhancer, or oxygenation-amplifier, that combines the best features of the first two; it eliminates neither signal (i.e., it retains perception of both variation in Hemoglobin oxygenation and concentration), and only amplifies perception of oxygenation.

The O2Amp glasses are actually being tested out in two hospitals at the moment, with doctors who have worn the glasses confirming their usefulness. Sounds a lot more important than Internet-enabled webcams tied to purposefully wacky frames, if you ask me. [2AI via PSFK]

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