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This Is NASA's Secret Seaside Astronaut Hangout PadPreparing to plow up into the vacuum of space is no small task. It might even be a little stressful, even to the iron-nerved astro-gods at NASA. So before every launch, they retreat to this house for drinking and wives.

The Cape Canaveral house, as Motherboard shows, is nothing fancy—about as spartan as the shuttle itself. But inside is a wonderfully retro (well, not in 1962 it wasn’t) interior, replete with wood paneling, plentiful booze, and a BBQ. Is there anything you’d want more before hurdling into orbit—with the grim prospect of not returning? Probably not, no. Each launch is preceded by a ceremonial pre-ignition cookout, where astro-families mingle with NASA workers, before the latter leave the astronauts and their spouses for some private time—because really, aside from food and drink, what do you really want before you head out into the stars? Also, at the risk of being crass, I do think this would make an incredible reality TV series. [via Motherboard]

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