If you look at automobiles eighty or so years ago, you’ll find that they were all box-like and monochromatic. Compare that to the cars of today, which can be very curvaceous and colorful.

Just imagine what cars will look like 100 years from now! This is what engineer Peter Maskus has attempted to do. Maskus has worked at BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari, and has now started his own company in Switzerland called Acabion. This particular mock-up is called the “da Vinci”, and it is an all-electric vehicle that is ultra-fast with a top speed of 375 miles per hour.

Okay, I’m pretty certain that our current highways cannot accommodate a car that is at this speed. Most maglev trains don’t go this fast, but who knows, maybe all of our cars will be maglev like in Minority Report. I suppose the wheels would not be required then.

I don’t know if it is possible to design cars for the future. According to my Source, there may be one big tube between New York and Paris which will allow anyone to go anywhere in the world within two hours. Once again, maglev will be the mode of transportation there.

Of course, I once heard that same thing about the world of 2000, back in 1980. So let’s just see how accurate this drawing is in the year 2100.


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