This Is Why Dr. Oz Is Worried About Apple JuiceThe FDA is a little peeved at Dr. Oz. The adored talk show host went on the air Wednesday and instructed millions of people to be suspicious of apple juice. He’s got science to back him up—sort of.

What gives Ozzie? What’s more American than apple, er, juice?

Well he’s is worried there’s dangerous levels of arsenic in your apple juice. That might sound paranoid, but Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon, so we should hear him out. He had a number of brands tested by a lab in New Jersey, and the findings were disturbing. The Oz-man proclaimed on the air that several of the brands were way over the legal limit. That would be troubling news if it were verifiably true. The FDA did some tests of its own and released a statement that more or less said, “Dr. Oz: You are full of it. The juice is fine.”

In short, Dr. Oz misreported the results of the study, and the New Jersey lab messed up the test in the first place. Nestle—one of the manufacturers fingered by Dr. Oz—even sent producers a letter in advance saying that the test method Oz’s lab used was for wastewater and not fruit juice. An independent lab confirmed the FDA’s findings. So Oz and the show backed down, right? Nope: “The position of the show is that the total arsenic needs to be lower.” Way to own up to it guys! [CBS; Image: Getty]

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