This May Look Like a Vintage Basket, but It's Also a Cooler Coolers: often ugly, frequently necessary. You can get a styrofoam piece of junk that you’re going to spend $3 on only to throw away later, or you could spend $50 or more on a hunk of ugly plastic that will sit in your garage nine months of the year collecting cobwebs. Those aren’t your only options, however. These lovely baskets actually hide coolers inside.

The wood-wrapped chillers come by way of New Hampshire’s Peterboro Basket Company, which has been in business since 1854. Not only is this secret cooler nice looking, it’s also pretty smart way to hide your cold beverages (what cop is looking for beer in a wood basket?). There’s either a drum-shaped version ($99) or a taller, skinner one (on sale for $84). Both hold five gallons will really class up your next lake trip. [Design Sponge]

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