You read the headline correctly, so here is some clarification. I am referring to the twin 18-volt electronic screwdrivers that power that back wheel that you can barely see here.

The EX Vehicle is designed by Nils Ferber, and it uses modified bicycle parts. It is capable of speeds of 18 miles per hour. I’m not certain of the mileage of this thing, but the driver better bring some extra Li-on batteries for some long trips. Hey, a lot of vehicles are going electric these days.

I’ve got to admit that this vehicle has a unique position for the driver, but it does not look comfortable. Can you imagine riding around on this all day? I can’t decide whether or not you can fix or damage your back with this thing.

I don’t think there are any plans to mass produce this EX vehicle, but I think it could be popular with the land luge crowd. This one can actually go uphill.

Does this EX Vehicle remind anyone of anything? I’m trying to think of some science fiction movie where people rode around on these things, and nothing is coming to mind. That wasn’t sarcastic at all, it really looks familiar to me, but I can’t think of where it came from. Leave a comment if you can think of some science fiction equivalent of this EX Vehicle.


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