This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Meet the Band The bassist! The guitarist! The drummer! The roadie! The… sea captain? Sure, why not! There’s more to a band than just the musicians. Or at least, there should be, as you’ll quickly learn here.

The rest of this week’s top web comedy videos, including Guy Talk, Mitt’s Veeps, and J.B. Smoove can be found over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

– Nora Ephron passed away at age 71.

– Comedy Central ordered series from Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, and Ben Hoffman.

– The entire cast of Community is coming back next season.

– Louis C.K. is going on tour and selling the tickets directly to his fans.

– We spoke to Craig Cackowski about improv and Trust Us with Your Life.

– We spoke to Mike Sacks about And Here’s the Kicker, which is getting a sequel.

– We found the lost projects of Louis C.K.

– We went to see How Was Your Week Live.

– We reported back from the Just for Laughs Festival.

– We talked to IFC’s Senior Vice President of Original Programming Debbie DeMontreux about turning IFC into a comedy nerd haven.

– We went into the archives and found when Steve Martin and Martin Short reunited (again) on The Martin Short Show.

We remembered Julia Sweeney’s gender-unspecific time on SNL.

– We follwed @JenStatsky on Twitter.

– We watched some old YouTube clips of Danny Pudi.

– We considered the unexpected comedy of Speed Racer.

– We got introduced to Conan’s dark side by watching Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.

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