When you transport goods through maritime routes, damages can occur. While logistical operations are
more reliable than ever before, you still need to secure the value of your merchandise with a cargo
insurance policy. Make certain you are protected against all unforeseen losses.

Freight Handlers

Accidents and rough handling while loading and unloading your goods can lead to losses. In a perfect
world, those that caused the damages are held accountable. Unfortunately it can take time an effort to
track down the responsible parties through the international transportation chains. Even if it is possible
to identify the guilty, they may not be able to actually afford to pay for what was broken. Insuring your
cargo protects you against losses such as these.

Stormy Seas

Modern diesel powered cargo containers are faster and much more reliable than ancient sailing vessels.
Stormy seas still cause problems and difficult decisions must be made. Crews sometimes must jettison
containers to avoid putting the entire vessel at risk. If your cargo is onboard at the time, it may be lost.
While these costs are often shared by the crew, not all of your damages will be necessarily be recovered
without insurance.


Theft is an everyday occurrence. When it happens in the ocean it is called piracy. While it is extremely
unlikely that your transport vessel will be commandeered by a band of scurvy dogs, petty thefts do
happen at times. Cargo is vulnerable to opportunist at ports and loading docks. Make certain your goods
are protected against theft by carrying an adequate cargo insurance policy.