Throwable Chuckimals Let You Literally Hurl Insults Emails replaced written letters, texting replaced emails, Twitter replaced texting, and one day these Chuckimals could be the only source of electronic communications we rely on. They’re plush toys embedded with electronics, including an accelerometer, that let you record a thirty second message that’s automatically played back upon impact when thrown at someone.

Clearly inspired by that wildly popular game featuring disgruntled fowl and kleptomaniac swine, these birds don’t necessarily have to be used for malicious messages, but it just seems more entertaining that way. At $19 they’re a touch more expensive than a pen and post-it note, but the fact that their beaks move while playing back your recording makes them so adorable I’m assuming your employees won’t mind hearing they’ve been fired after you hit them in the back of the head with one. [RED5 via Red Ferret]

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