The modern day road warrior is definitely not content with just a mobile phone, it must be a smartphone. Of course, just in case the smartphone runs out of juice halfway during the journey, there is always a solution like a portable battery pack, or perhaps a collection of other devices such as a GPS navigation system to help you get around in unfamiliar territory when your smartphone is down and out on its battery life. Having said that, this would mean the modern day road warrior has plenty of chargers to remember each time he or she travels – and it is up to companies like Timbuk2 to come up with a new range of gadget charging packs.

This new line of gadget charging packs from Timbuk2 is the result of a collaboration with Joey Energy, where in an age of superheroes as well as teamwork, here we are with high fashion meeting technology in one package – all in the name of delivering the Power Commute messenger bag as well as Power Q backpack, where they will both come with Joey’s T1 power supply.

According to Timbuk2, this particular Joey T1 power supply is not available in the open market for individual sale. As it stands, it boasts a rugged, water-resistant case as well as come with a corded satellite USB for charging purposes. In order to make life a whole lot easier for busy commuters who are always on-the-go and want something more convenient to use, it has no buttons whatsoever, and the charging process will begin the moment you plug it in.

It will remain within a dedicated pouch in each bag, ensuring you enjoy nothing but the simplest experience when it comes to on-the-go charging of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets. It must be noted, however, that the Timbuk2/Joey packs will not be accompanied by solar panels or other eco-friendly charging hardware. How does it get the job done then? For starters, the Joey T1 will receive juice by being connected to a standard wall outlet, in addition to a pass-through feature that enables you to simultaneously charge the T1 and an external device.

As for the Power Commute, this is a TSA-compliant laptop bag that not only comes with a Joey charger, but will also include a removable shoulder strap and faux fur-lined phone/gadget compartments. Regardless of which model you choose, they will arrive this October for $199 a pop.


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