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Toilet 2.0 — The New King of ThronesFor as much time as people spend on the toilet, you’d think someone would have rectified the glaring design issues with them by now. What? The Toilet 2.0 by David Hakkens did?

The Toilet 2.0 has been redesigned from the bathroom floor up. It’s constructed of Corian, a composite material created by DuPont, that’s lighter, thinner, and stronger than traditional porcelain. Eight high-pressure cleaning jets keep the interior of the bowl tidy while a built-in air freshener will allow you to (accurately for once) boast that no, in fact, your shit does not stink.

The master stroke is the design of the bowl itself. The shallow-bottom, wide-body, lipped design not only aids in self-cleaning but it keeps you from experiencing the dreaded “impromptu bidet” action of a seated flush. The system will even reuse grey water from your sinks and dishwasher to flush its lines behind the wall (fresh water is still used to clear the bowl). The Toilet 2.0 is still in the design stages, so you’ll have to keep shelling out $6400 for your game-changing cans for now. [David Hakkens]

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