Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011Mac OS X Lion: This Isn’t the Future We Hoped For | If it weren’t for its solid core, Lion would be Apple’s very own Vista.

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011Watch the Last Space Shuttle Launch. Ever. Right Here.

Today, the Space Shuttle program came to a cloudy, fiery conclusion. The thrill and beauty of a launch was undeniable. Join along—we’ve got a livestream of the mission’s progress below. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 20113G iPod Touch Would Be My Dream Communications Device

A Dutch website is reporting that the next iPod Touch will support 3G, just like an iPad. I’m skeptical, but also would buy that in a heartbeat. What’s more, it would be the death knell for my voice plan. I use my iPod Touch as a communications device all the time. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011CBS Faked Boston’s 4th of July Fireworks Show

Apparently giant rainbow explosions all across the sky weren’t entertaining for CBS producers, who digitally superimposed Boston landmarks across the screen in a strange, disingenuous attempt to augment the show. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011This Solid-State Camera Fits on the Head of a Pin and Can Dive Into Your Skull

Image quality isn’t the only measure of a camera’s functionality. The PFCA, developed by a Cornell Postdoc, has only a 20-pixel resolution but its size and construction will allow it to go where few cameras have been before. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011Polar Tour de France CS500 Bike Computer: Rides Hard, But Not Easy

The Tour de France is happening now, and while you are not Lance Armstrong, or Andy Schleck or Alberto Contador, you can at least trick out your bike with the new Tour de France-themed bike computer from Polar. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011Listen and Watch How the Sound Effects of Transformers 3 Were Made

Soundworks Collection has a great little feature on a very big movie called Transformers 3. Heard of it? Sure! In this video you get to see how the movie’s sound effects were made using dry ice, electric guitars and more. We already know the creative sound methods used in Transformers 3: More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011These Are the Last Four Humans Ever to Ride the Space Shuttle

This is the crew for the last shuttle mission, STS-135, next to their ride: The mighty Atlantis. They are about to launch in the last mission of the Space Shuttle program. They are Commander Christopher Ferguson, Pilot Douglas Hurley, Mission Specialist 1 Sandra Magnus and Mission Specialist 2 Rex… More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011This TSA Agent Was Caught with a Stolen iPad in His Pants

Is that an iPad in your pants or are you happy to see me? In a TSA officer’s case it really was an iPad! He had stole it from a passenger’s luggage and stuffed it down his pants. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 8, 2011The United States Is Like a Loud, Clique-y High School Lunchroom

When you think of a map of the US, you probably break it down by state or quadrants or party affiliation. But MIT, IBM and AT&T’s research teams decided to look at who was talking to whom, and the resulting map is pretty captivating. More »

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