Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011Social Reject | Your social media history is up for grabs to employers.

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011How To Fix the Five Most Common iPhone Injuries

iPhones aren’t built to last forever, but that doesn’t mean you should let a cracked display or dead battery finish your handset. Here are detailed instructions for five of the most common iPhone 4 repairs—courtesy of our buds at iFixit. More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011Tivoli Audio Model 10: Yes, a Clock Radio Can Be Awesome

You might just think of FM radio as that thing you turn on when you forget to bring your iPod (or phone) in the car. Most of the music sucks, right? So why buy one? More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011US Army Bans Toe Shoes for Looking So Damn Goofy

FiveFingers running shoes and the rest of the quasi-barefoot movement are a pretty zealous bunch—they wear a pretty polarizing shoe. But the debate is now quashed in the military, with an official ban. More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011Mark Zuckerberg Recruits Talent by Taking Them on Romantic Hikes through the Woods (Updated: We Hit the Trail!)

A normal job interview: you, a desk, a guy in a suit. Penetrating questions about goals, risk, strategy. Some handshakes, and you’re gone. At Facebook? More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011The World’s Most Powerful Laser Will Create Tiny Stars on Earth

While CERN researchers are busy potentially obliterating the Earth by creating a black hole in France, scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Lab have their own Doomsday machine: More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011If This Time-Lapse Video Doesn’t Make You Feel Blessed Living On This Planet…

…Well, my friend, nothing will. NOTHING. 30 hours of footage shot in Victoria, Australia, took Alex Cherney over a year to compile, but I’m sure you’ll nod your head in appreciation while viewing his majestic creation. More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011The Droid 3 Official Announcement Confirms All That Had Already Leaked

We’ve pretty much learned everything about the Motorola Droid 3 through previous leaks, but now it’s official. Android Gingerbread, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, international GSM roaming, 8-megapixel camera, 4-inch qHD display, 1080p video playback and an HDMI mirror mode. More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011For Some Reason, Adorable Kids Are Holding Big Ass Guns

During Marine Week 2011 in St. Louis, kids get to meet Marines, see what real life heroes are like, watch some of their drills and…handle real, big ass weapons. More »

Top Stories: Thursday July 7, 2011Two Dudes Buy Abandoned Island on Craigslist (And Need Your Help!)

If you picked up your very own secluded island wilderness, you might be tempted to use it for something zany, like an evil lair or a nude drinking reserve. More »

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