This is the “Bike Guide Concept”, a way of travel that could be the next form of tourism.

As you can tell from the image, the Bike Guide uses bikes attached to the bus itself. The bus has a screen to announce information about the next destination, and then each bike has a screen to share even more. Screens are also used in bus stops, and the user scans their credit card to arrange a bike/bus tour.

You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you see that the bus parks and drops off the bikes. The tourists pedal around the attraction, and I believe that there is a timer on each bike to let the rider know when it is time to return them.

You will notice that the bikes are completely without spokes, and how it locks in place. I’m not certain how much trouble tourists can get into with a locking mechanism like that. Something tells me that the bus driver will be pulling double duty.

This is still a concept designed by Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim, and Jihwan Yun for Korean tourism. I can see this being used in any country with tourist attractions.

BIKE GUIDE from Kukil Han on Vimeo.


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