Transforming Seat Doubles As an Entire Patio SetIf you’re tired of dragging your entire patio set into storage when the warm weather disappears come the fall, you’ll love this cleverly engineered piece of furniture that combines a chair, a lounger, and even a table, into a single piece.

Estudio 408’s ‘M Chair’ is assembled from thin slats of lumber connected by long bolts that double as hinges when loosened. So if you’re in the mood for really kicking back, all you need is a wrench to adjust the angles and convert it from a chair to a laid-back lounger.

Transforming Seat Doubles As an Entire Patio Set If you need a place to eat lunch or do some work, the ‘M Chair’ can even transmogrify into a sturdy table. And if you’ve ever had to wait a day after a rain for your outdoor furniture to dry before using it, you’ll be happy to know the chair’s slatted design lets water easily drain away. The only thing missing is the chance of this becoming a real product. [Estudio 408 via designboom]

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