I wish I was born back in the day, when doctors made house calls, and came out to make you feel better at all hours of the day or night. I mean, who wants to get dressed and run out to the doctors office when you’re sick as a dog? I can honestly say that once or twice in my life I have actually been “too sick” to go to the doctor.

Well here’s something that has been quite a few science fiction movies in the making, the Transportable Exam Station, or TES. This highly portable unit is built into a rolling weather resistant case and allows a doctor to carry out a comprehensive health assessment, from anywhere in the world using a tablet PC, examination cameras, a real time digital stethoscope and a USB otoscope. A USB otoscope? Who knew?

Manned by a mobile technician the Doctor and patient can communicate via PC, the TES not only allows more common general health examinations, but aids in triage and trauma care, dermatology exams, or almost anything else that might require the services of doctor, without the doctor actually being there.

Sometimes there are accident and emergency situations where waiting to get to a doctor costs the precious time needed to save a life, but now I can also imagine a future with a whole new breed of medical practitioners, where the doctors hang out at home, and a staff of mobile technicians (maybe nursing staff?) make dozens of house calls that doc’s could now diagnose and treat via the internet. Is this bringing medicine to those who don’t have it, or could this kind of technology someday, cheapen the standard of care?

Check out globalmed.com for more information on all their amazing mobile medical technologies, then let us know if you would feel comfortable being diagnosed via PC, I’m relatively okay with it… as long as theres a limited amount of blood… for heavy blood loss or breathing difficulties I prefer my doctor on-site.


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