Transportation Insurance In New Jersey

Transportation Insurance In New JerseyThe transportation industry is one of the most important sectors in the American economy. Transportation companies move millions of people and goods from one place to another every day, forming the backbone of our society. From limousines to semi-trucks and from individual owners and operators to large fleets, it’s vital that business keeps running smoothly. Good insurance is one way to ensure that; transportation insurance in New Jersey helps keep operations on track.


Transportation Facts


There are over 4 million miles of public roads in the US, 36,000 of which are in New Jersey. Nearly four and a half million vehicles drive those state roads. Hundreds of thousands of people use commercial transportation services every day, generating millions or billions of dollars of revenue.


Commercial Shipping


The freight industry is thriving in New Jersey, too. The majority of shipments are within the borders of the state, although there is a substantial amount that crosses state borders. Almost 75 percent of that freight is transported by truck alone, with another few percent transported by multiple means with a truck involved at some point.




Unfortunately, that high volume of shipping and personal transport also means that accidents happen; hundreds of people are killed or injured every year with thousands of dollars in property or cargo damage. The insurance industry helps businesses recover from these incidents and return to normal operations. Transportation insurance in New Jerseyis extremely important.