Treaded Skateboard Turns Any Mountain Into Your HalfpipeThe hard plastic wheels used on skateboards usually means they’re relegated to only gleaming the cube on smoother surfaces like sidewalks. That’s not the case with Rockboard’s Descender, which adds tank-like treads for all-terrain ollies and kickflips.

Ok, so with 36 wheels in total (3 per set, 9 per tread) you’re probably not going to be pulling off any tricks with this thing, but that’s not why it was created. The large free-wheeling treads make the Descender usable on almost any surface, whether it’s grass, snow, or even rocky terrain. So you’re able to use it all-year-round wherever you want to.

Ironically it’s probably not actually going to be useful for impressing your friends at your local skatepark, but recklessly careening down a mountainside provides more of a thrill anyways. Available sometime this spring, for kids, teens, and adults, as long as they’re under 200 pounds. [Rockboard via Coolest Gadgets]

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