This particular device is known as the bikn, but it is pronounced like the word “beacon”.

The creators of this device decided that they wanted to provide the iPhone more protection than a case. The case itself comes in many colors, and you can also pick a tag base or highlight color.

The BiKN comes with tags that can be clipped to a user’s belt or other appendage. Each of these tags unlock and a micro-USB port will be revealed for charging. The purpose of these tags is so you can find things with your iPhone.

The tags have three modes of “Find”, “Leash”, or “Page”. “Find” is a visual meter and audio signal for discovering a misplaced item. “Leash” enables the user to control how far a tagged item can be separated from the smart case before an alarm sounds on the phone and tag. As for the “Page”, it is able to sound an alert on one or multiple tags.

According to the information that I received at CES, the BiKN is coming in January. I don’t have a price out now, but I’m sure that will be available soon. I beleive that the application is available now, and it is completely free.

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