Remember Sea-Monkeys? I couldn’t wait to set up my little plastic tank and hatch my own little sea monkey family, and teach them all the tricks listed on the box, and feed them, and take them places, and I would have done all those things too… if I ever got to see the suckers. I know they were there, little tiny pinpoints spotted in the sunlight, but they were so small, even my hopes of naming them were dashed.

But now we have another instant pet, Triops. Triops are actually really cool shrimp that look a lot like mini horseshoe crabs and they are considered living fossils, with a history that reaches back to the Carboniferous period, 300 million years ago.  They have pretty much survived unchanged in a state of suspended animation. So now you get the chance to bring these prehistoric monsters back to life, just by adding water to the eggs. Cool.

Triops have 3 eyes and can grow up to be 2 inches long! They hatch in around 24 hours and can double in size daily, kind of like me when there’s chocolate in the house. Anyway, they breathe through their feet and can eat all kids of stuff, including each other. They can make great pets that can be kept on any desktop or a dresser and in addition to tremendous educational value, Triops are also super fun, big enough to name and you don’t have to take them for walks or empty a kitty litter box. So if you, like me, are never going to have the pet Llama that you really wanted, Triops may be for you.

So get your Triops Deluxe Kit that includes everything you need to hatch your own pets at for only around $15.00 bucks.


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