When it comes to video games, the Walkman generation (or should I say, iPod generation instead) grew up with earbuds, so there is nothing quite like experiencing in-game audio delivered straight into your ear canals. That sure beats most folks’ home computer or console sound system setup, as playing in a room still paves the way for outside interruptions to occur (which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when your neighbors are trying to alert you that there is a fire in the kitchen), while wearing a pair of earbuds or headphones that is well insulated ensures you pay full attention to the game on hand – while listening for every move that your enemy makes.

The Tritton SwitchBlade Wireless headset intends to deliver great in-game audio for PS3 owners, where it will offer comfortable hands-free communication to boot. Flip-out the fold-away boom mic and the headset will power itself automatically, and when you are done, just place it on the included elegant docking base to stash it away neatly. Oh yeah, need we say it – this docking base also functions as a quick charger, making sure that the Tritton SwitchBlade is always available for duty whenever its services are required.

Not only that, it can pair with your PS3 console and smartphone simultaneously over Bluetooth, allowing you to seamlessly switch between online game chat and an incoming phone call with but a single touch of a button. Whenever there is an incoming call during your gaming session, the multifunction button opens up a host of options, where among them include being able to accept the call and place the PS3 chat on hold, to end the PS3 chat, or if it is that crazy ex-girlfriend demanding her clothes back which you have already donated to the Salvation Army, you can reject the call and resume gaming, without for a moment having to remove your eyes from the TV.

Not only does the SwitchBlade’s boom mic function as a convenient power button, it also houses integrated technology that is capable of detecting speech clearly. Should you happen to talk in loud environments, advanced noise reduction will stifle ambient sounds to make sure only your voice comes through on the other end of the line. Any takers? This should help boost up your gaming experience by some, PS3 owners.

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