Just as a purse or a handbag is to a lady, so is a wallet to a man. The £29.99 TRU VIRTU Wallet Oyster Series might be a mouthful to pronounce, especially when you ask for it over the counter, but good thing there is this thing known as online shopping. This unique wallet is very different from all the other run of the mill designs, simply because it will usher wallet design into the 21st century – which is long overdue methinks, although purists might argue that if it is not broken, why bother to fix it?

The TRU VIRTU Wallet Oyster Series comprises of formed aluminium cases which are capable of holding just about anything – ranging from coins to credit cards, as well as any other sensitive information bits and pieces that you would like to keep secure. It is not only lightweight but sturdy as well, making sure its contents remain protected from dust, dirt and moisture, not to mention electromagnetic radiation, illegal RFID-scanning and other outside influences. Definitely a wallet worth getting for dad this Christmas instead of the usual cowhide, no?

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